Bullseye Locations for Genesys

Bullseye Locations for Genesys is an easy-to-implement integrated IVR solution that allows callers to find the nearest store, dealer, agent, or service center location.

Requirements: Genesys PureCloud account and subscription to Bullseye Locations for Genesys 

Get Started in Just 3 Steps

1. Get the App!

To begin, get Bullseye Locations for Genesys from the AppFoundry

This will start a free 30-day trial for you. Once you have the app, activate it in your Org. Once it’s activated in your Org, you’ll see it in your Apps menu. The first time you enter the app, the installer will run.

2. Connect to Bullseye Locations

During installation, you’ll need to login to your existing Bullseye Locations account, or create a new free account. Once you’ve logged in the Bullseye, the installation will continue. When the installation is complete, you’ll see the Bullseye Locations for Genesys start page, where you can go to the Bullseye Locations admin, or view these instructions again. 

3. Configure the app

Inbound Call Flow

To see Bullseye Locations for Genesys in action, open Architect and locate the "Bullseye Demo Flow” Architect

You can download an example flow from the Genesys app to import as an out-of-the-box solution, or to build on to create your own unique flow.


Data Actions

Select the DoSearch2 Action, and then the GetLocation Data Action.

That's it. Bullseye Locations for Genesys is ready to use or customize to fit your unique needs