Dashboard and Overview

The Dashboard and Overview provide very general data on search activity or lead collection. 

Requirements: Available in all Accounts 
Bullseye includes some great reporting capability that will help you understand more about your search audience, location exposure and leads (leads apply only if you have a Lead Manager Subscription). 


The dashboard gives you a bird's eye view of the search activity. To access the dashboard simply select the Dashboard link in the left navigation.  It will also be the default screen you will see when you login. You will see the following reports:

Store Locator Reports

Search History - Displays the number of searches by day in a line graph.

Lead Manager Reports 

If you have a Lead Manager Subscription you will also see:
Leads Over Time: Displays the leads received by day.  
Leads By Source: Compares how sources have performed against each other in relation to lead volume. For more information on sources see Configure Sources.

The Dashboard also shows you current announcements, upcoming events, and your current subscription plan:


Store Locator Reports

Select Reports and you'll see the same line graph as in the Dashboard with some additional information. This includes a world map with countries shaded in intensity according to the volume of searches.  If you hover over a country with searches, you can see the actual number of searches:

Scroll down, and you'll also see tables for the most searched cities and locations:

Most Searched Locations: This report provides a list of your top 10 most returned locations (dealers) that are currently in Bullseye.
Most Searched Cities: This report provides a list of the top 10 most entered cities when users search in your locator.

Lead Manager Reports

With a Lead Manager subscription you will see the section Lead Manager Overview which shows you lead manager related reports:
Leads Over Time and Leads By Source: These reports are the same reports provided in the Dashboard.
Leads By Category:  Shows the leads received for each category.
Leads By Status: Shows leads based on their status (referred, followed up, etc).
Leads By Territory: Shows leads received by territory (only if you are using the territory functionality).