Manage Multi-Account Roles in User Manager

How to manage different users for Multi-Account Subscriptions

Requirements: Multi-Account Subscription

Multi-Account subscriptions offer an additional layer of administrative access to accommodate the complexity of multi-account implementations.  This enables you to grant access as needed to make administration convenient for the various needs that multi-account implementations dictate.  

There are 3 roles that are unique to Multi-Account subscriptions:

Multi-Account Admin: Has complete access to all accounts within the multi-account subscription, and the ability to create all other users.

Multi-Account User: Has complete access to all accounts within the multi-account subscription without the ability to create any users.

Account Group User: Has complete access to select accounts you assign to the user without the ability to create any users.

How to Manage Multi-Account Roles

To manage Multi-Account Roles, you will utilize User Manager as you would for other roles, but you must be logged in as a Multi-Account Administrator.  Let's take the example of creating an account for the role Account Group User.

First, login as a Multi-Account Admin and go to Users on the left side and select Add User as in the example below:

You will see the Add User screen. Select Account Group User from the drop down:

Enter the user's email address (this will be used for their username when they login). Select Invite and an email will be sent to the email address so they can create a password to access Bullseye.

Note that, since Account Group Users are assigned selectively to accounts under your Multi-Account subscription, there is an additional step of assigning them to the account group.  Make sure you have entered the accounts and set up the Account Groups as instructed in  this article

As soon as you send the email to the user, you should assign them to the Account Group, otherwise when they initially login, they will not be assigned, or have access to the accounts. 

After you select Invite, a tab will appear that says  Assignments. Select the Assignments tab and you'll see the following:

Select Add Account Group, you'll see a list of the account groups you have created.  Select the account group that needs to be assigned to the user: 

Once that is complete, the user will be able to login and view only the accounts you have assigned.