Create a Stand-Alone Interface

Create a Stand-Alone Interface and link to that interface from your website.

Requirements: Available with any paid accounts

Bullseye provides a stand-alone interface which is usually used for free accounts.  The stand-alone interface does not embed inside a website, but you may set up a link on your website that links to it.  You may also put a logo on the interface and change the colors so that it has some of the characteristics of your site.

If you have subscribed to any of the paid options Bullseye offers, we recommend using the embeddable interface.  The embeddable interface includes many more features and is much more elegant than the stand-alone interface.  You may use the embeddable interface even if you don't need to embed the interface into your site, as a more feature-rich search option than the stand-alone option is able to offer.

To create a stand-alone interface, go to Interfaces>Add Interface.  Then select Stand Alone Locator Page.  You will see the following:

Then select  Add.

You will see the following:

Select  Page Details.  You will see the Page Details screen:

Choose Countries: Select individual countries and assign them to the interface.

Categories: You may display categories as a filtering device for the search.  You may use categories to allow your web traffic to search by products or services that locations carry.  The categories will be displayed as a checkbox.  If you have a free account, you may have up to 5 categories. Paid accounts allow for unlimited categories.

Login/Edit Location Link: If you would like to allow your locations/dealers to login to Bullseye to maintain their own data, you may select this option and a link will appear on the stand-alone interface to allow them to login. 

Heading: Put in a short title to label your locator (i.e. Walmart Store Locator) so your traffic can see the name of your brand.

Description: You may include a description to direct your traffic.  You might include instructions such as "We Have Locations Throughout the United States.  Please type in your zip code and view your results."

Page Title/Meta Description: This information is crawlable by the search engines. Include a Title and Meta description to help get your page crawled by the search engines by including relevant key phrases and an accurate description which will appear in the search engine results.

Upload a Logo: Upload your company logo.

Once you have entered all the information, select "Styles" at the top, or "Next: Customize the Styles" at the bottom.  You will see the following:

The Styles tab allows you to choose the appropriate colors that best match your website for the interface.  Simply select the colors or enter a hex code to change the colors.

When you are done select  Publish.  You will see the following:

Enter a name for the interface and select  Save and Close or  Save.  Once that is complete, go to the list of interfaces, and select edit on the interface.  Then go to the publish tab.

You will see the option   Hosted URL with HTML input for Header and Footer. If you expand that by selecting the plus sign, you'll see the link for the locator, which you can link to from your site. 

If you have a paid account, We suggest you select the checkbox that says "Enable Mobile-friendly Interface" so the interface will scale properly on mobile devices. Then, copy the link and put a link to the interface on your website.  There is also an option to view the locator if you select "click here."

Following is an example of a stand-alone locator which included a logo with a Heading and Description for reference: