Release Updates

Release Updates 4/29/2022

  1. Introduced a new modernized React interface

Release Updates 1/21/2022

  1. Introduced driving distance on interface results
  2. Introduced Google-friendly XML sitemaps
  3. Introduced "click to reveal phone number" option for tracking purposes

Release Updates 11/30/2021

  1. Introduced new plans and pricing 
  2. Introduced a new SEO-friendly list interface

Release Updates 7/13/2021

  1. Introduced Enhanced Local Pages - create stunning local pages in minimal time

Release Updates 2/25/2021

  1. Introduced simplified SEO-friendly CNAME configuration for accounts and interfaces
  2. Introduced "top bar" interface menu 
  3. Introduced territory hierarchy

Release Updates 12/8/2020

  1. Introduced Google and Yelp Reviews
  2. Introduced a bulk updater tool for categories and attributes
  3. Various bug fixes and enhancements

Release Updates 11/4/2020

  1. Introduced simplified lead routing options
  2. Various bug fixes and enhancements

Release Updates 10/21/2020

  1. Introduced custom HTML content on lead forms
  2. Various bug fixes and enhancements

Release Updates 9/10/2020

  1. Introduced API key management
  2. Various bug fixes and enhancements

Release Updates 8/10/2020

  1. Introduced Landing Page Previews
  2. Introduced custom attributes for Promotions
  3. Added expanded Searches by Country report

Release Updates 3/15/2020

Added the following new features and updates:

  1. Added support for multiple search filters on interfaces
  2. Implemented various performance and usability improvements

Release Updates 2/3/2020

Added the following new features and updates:

  1. Improved adding a lead workflow
  2. Improved user assignment workflow 
  3. Introduced text notifications for new leads 

Release Updates 1/6/2020

Added the following new features:

  1. Ability to configure custom content on the login page and Admin
  2. Ability to configure a webhook that triggers on user activation

Release Updates 11/25/2019

  1. Ability to search across country borders
  2. Import support for complex attributes
  3. Custom layouts and user permissions for lead managment
  4. API support for accessing report data

Release Updates 9/16/2019

  1. Ability to view location updates
  2. List view for complex attributes
  3. API support for assigning multiple locations to a lead
  4. White label announcements

Release Updates 9/9/2019

  1. Added the ability to add attributes to Events
  2. Introduced new "location" and "pdf" attribute types
  3. Added pdf tracking to "Searches by Location" report

Release Updates 8/12/2019

  1. Introduced Partner portal and approval workflow improvements 

Release Updates 6/24/2019

  1. Introduced new "Category Groups" feature

Release Updates 5/20/2019

  1. Introduced "Promotion Page with Location Search" interface

Release Updates 4/1/2019

  1. Introduced "white label" custom branding option
  2. Republished Bullseye Store Locator app to Shopify app store

Release Updates 2/4/2019

  1. Introduced full screen map option
  2. Introduced "Display all Locations" mapping option
  3. Enhancements to Google My Business module

Release Updates 12/17/2020

  1. Simplified registration process
  2. Introduced new Shopify integrated billing
  3. Miscellaneous updates and bug fixes

Release Updates 10/8/2018

  1. Introduction of complex attributes
  2. Addition of category upload by csv
  3. Improved image upload functionality
  4. Addition of configurable user permissions for custom attributes

Release Updates 7/23/2018

  1. Improved report performance
  2. Updated reports for improved usability
    1. Consolidated US/Canada and International reports
    2. Added functionality to Country report to drill down to postal code level
    3. Added functionality to add, remove, or reorder report columns
    4. Added functionality to filter reports on any fieldAdded functionality to sort reports by dimensions
    5. Added ability to save custom report views

Release Updates 7/5/2018

  1. Addition of international support for location lists
  2. Addition of a column chooser to create custom table views
  3. Miscellaneous Bug Fixes:
  4. Addition of ability to filter by category and active status
  5. Updates to subscription pages to make pricing clearer and easier to understand

Release Updates 7/2/2018

  1. Addition of international support for location lists
  2. Addition of a column chooser to create custom table views
  3. Miscellaneous bug fixes

Release Updates 6/13/2018

  1. Updates to mapping options in response to new Google Map pricing guidelines
  2. Addition of integrated options for Google and Mapbox maps
  3. Addition of volume discount pricing tiers for high volume search

Release Updates 10/30/2017

  1. Release of Internet Location Options
  2. Category sorting in Admin
  3. Ability to delete all locations at once
  4. Numerous UI improvements

Release Updates 8/28/2017

  1. Updates to XML upload file to support Company Names including linking of Company Names to Location
  2. Release of Account Group feature which allows users to manage multiple accounts through a single account
  3. Also provides the ability to create groups of accounts for improved management

Release Updates 7/24/2017

  1. International territory support
  2. Additions to API including methods for retrieving company names, territories and locations by territory
  3. New module for Map Broker which allows switching between Google and Mapbox mapping in China

Release Updates 6/21/2017

  1. Added territory search for Germany, Switzerland, and Austria
  2. Created infrastructure for supporting territory search in additional countries

Release Updates 5/31/2017

User Manager
  1. Ability to create custom roles and assign permissions
  2. Ability to assign users to multiple locations via groups, categories, territories, or individually
  3. Security improvements to user creation process including user invitations
  4. Security improvements to forgot password functionality
Location Groups
  1. Ability to create and manage groups of locations

Release Updates 4/27/2017

  1. Added option to remove duplicates from .csv upload
  2. Added option to merge categories for duplicate locations. (Requires BE configuration)

Release Updates 3/20/2017

  1. Import/Export scheduler premium subscription and configuration required.  Allows clients to setup their own ftp import and export schedule. 
  2. Updates to XML batch import
  3. New interface for adding and updating business hours
  4. Support for 3rd PartyID in XML import
  5. Task logging for Import/Export scheduler
  6. New GetCategoryTree web service that returns categories as a nested configuration

Release Updates 2/20/2017

  1. Added ability to import and export from XML file
Location Types
  1. Added new feature to manage location types
  2. Added ability to upload images to location types
  3. Added ability to modify sort order, location type name, and add/remove location types

Release Updates 1/30/2017

List interface Updates
  1. Added ability to configure background for list interface
  2. Added category limiter for list interface
  3. Style adjustments
Top and Side Interface Updates
  1. Added the ability to have subcategory checkboxes with category limiter
Web Service Updates
  1. Add method to retrieve Search response log data

Release Updates 12/12/2016

Custom language translations
  1. Category
  2. Location translations
  3. Labels
Holiday hours
Email manager updates
  1. Themes
  2. New merge fields
Interface Updates
  1. Side by Side feature match
  2. Labels and Localization

Release Updates 11/2/2016

New location list interface

  1. Location Admin/User can now view, add, and edit events that are assigned to them

Release Updates 9/24/2016

  1. Editable forms for Event Registration and Lead Management.
  2. Subscription Modules for Event Registration, Events, Promotions, Dealer Logins, and Lead Manager.
  3. Display multiple locations on Events.
  4. Closest location option when no results are returned.

Release Notes 6/6/2016

Web Service
  1. Specify category sort order on GetLocation
  2. Check for available subscription features on client options page
  3. Addition of LocationType Sort Order
  4. Addition of new flag called “ReturnServices” for the DoSearch method in the RestSearch web service. Also added two new booleans in the RestLocationResult (IsStoreLocator, IsLeadManager) which get set if ReturnServices is true.
Web Locator
  1. Country search on mobile
  2. Check for available subscription features for login/register links on stand-alone interface
  3. Custom map icons with subcategories
  4. Category order in results
  1. Lead by Category report fixes
  2. Custom map icons with subcategories
  3. Fix export to CSV headers in Searches by Location report
  4. Addition of LocationType Sort Order

Release Updates 1/5/2016

  1. Support for category level map icons
  2. Improvements to IP report
  3. Fixes for to support querystring parameters at the subcategory level
  4. Italian translations
  5. Update to country selector interface
  6. Misc fixes

Release Updates 9/8/2015

  1. New .csv upload with mapping capabilities
  2. Support for google map API key
  3. Add phone number to local landing pages
  4. Improved handling of city searches
  5. Improved performance on Lead by Location report
  6. Misc fixes

Release Updates 7/20/2015

  1. Add Lead Manager test mode with multiple test email support
  2. Move wait animation higher on screen
  3. Added new search rules to support territory and radius combinations
  4. Fix to display distance to address geocodes in US and CA
  5. Improved error handling when IP based geocoding is not available
  6. Modified lead emails to support sending leads to contact email when username is not available
  7. Removed validation in admin, .csv and XML import requiring username for Lead Manager service type
  8. Implemented default search interface

Release Updates 5/26/2015

  1. Added configuration options to allow default radius
  2. Search is now automatically triggered by radius selection in interface
  3. Added the ability to override "No Results" text in interface
  4. Added category search logging. To turn on logging go to Settings>Setup>Options
  5. Made performance improvements to searches by location report
  6. Added searches by category report for clients tracking searches by category
  7. Improved performance on .csv upload

Release Updates 4/15/2015

  1. New category limiter for interfaces. This feature is available for Premium Web subscribers and allows you to create categories, assign locations to those categories and then create an interface that is limited to only locations in that categories. Combined with the option to show category filters, this gives you the ability to have category specific interfaces. Great for companies with multiple brand who share common distribution or stores. 
  2. Made updates to to improve accuracy of international geocoding.
  3. Upgrades to our Partner Portal. Partners who manage multiple accounts, can now create trial subscriptions, provide client access and subscribe on behalf of clients through the Partner Portal

Release Updates 2/25/2015

  1. Bullseye Coupons is now called Bullseye Promotions.  We've also added promotion type so you can create a promotion that is a 'sale' or a 'coupon' This allows you to dynamically control the copy on the search results to match the appropriate coupon type. 
  2. Added the ability to include sub-categories in the map-on-top interface.  This is a premium feature. 
  3. Made a fix for tracking clicks on email and URL.  Also added click tracking on locations, location on map and directions.

Release Updates 2/20/2105

  1. Added CSS field to allow CSS override on embeddable interfaces using Hosted URL with Header and Footer.  Select Enable Custom Code.  You can also use this field with the iFrame Embed for Website.  Go to the Hosted URL with HTML input for Header and Footer select Enable Custom Code.  Add your CSS to the head section field.  Then use the iFrame Code in the iFrame Embed for Website section.  The iFrame will inherit the CSS from the field. 
  2. You can not include a source attribute if you are linking to an interface in the querystring parameter. Sources can then be used to track referrer.  for more information visit Passing Search Parameters in the QueryString.
  3. Added an HTML editor to the custom Header and Footer fields under the Hosted URL with Header and Footer fields.  The HTML editor allows you to upload images and use images from the gallery assigned to your account. 
  4. Updated option to use Header and Footer for local landing pages only.  This option allows you to embed the search interface into your site, but when users click through to the local landing pages, it links to the <subdomain> domain.  This was done to get better SEO value from a stand alone location landing page than you would get with the landing page embedded in an iFrame.  Contact us to update host entries to allow your CName to resolve to your subdomain at Bullseye Locations.
  5. Update password reset to reduce complexity of autogenerated passwords.
  6. Enabled the ability to customize and brand the password reminder email.  This feature is available to lead manager clients.