Column Chooser

Allows users to choose what columns to display, and in what order to display them.

The column chooser is available on  Manage Locations, Leads, and Events pages. You’ll see the Columns button at the top of the lists. To open the column chooser, click the Columns button on the table toolbar:

When the column chooser opens, you’ll see a list of all available columns. These will differ based on where the column chooser is used - only columns related to the current screen are shown. Use the scroll bar to view all columns.

Checkboxes to the left of the column names indicate whether or not the column is currently visible. Check the box to display a column, or uncheck the box to hide it.

To the right of the column names is the sorting handle. Just click and drag columns to the desired order using this handle. When you save, columns will be displayed in the order set in the column chooser.

After configuring the column visibility and order, click ‘Apply” at the bottom of the list to save your changes, or click ‘Cancel’ to exit the column chooser without saving your changes. 

Applied changes will affect all users.