Using the Approval Workflow

A how-to guide to using the approval workflow to manage user-created or modified locations.

Requirements: Any paid subscription

Allowing users to manage their own content saves maintenance time by handing off the location maintenance to your locations. To ensure that data is entered correctly, we allow account class users the ability to approve added or modified locations before they can be displayed in the search.  Administrators can see the status of any locations quickly in the location list, and respond to locations that are incomplete or have not been submitted for approval (they will be marked as “Pending”). Administrators have the option of enabling notification emails that will notify them when users add or modify locations, so they can take quick action to approve locations.

Enable the Approval Workflow

To turn on the approval workflow, go to  Settings>Setup>Options>Location Administration and select the desired approval options, then click Save

Once the approval options are enabled, admin class users will see a new column in the Location list, indicating the approval status of each location. Unapproved locations are always listed first so they can be accessed easily :

The following statuses are possible:

Not Completed: A location is “Not Completed” when it is created and remains so until it is submitted for approval. 
Pending: A location is “Pending” once it is submitted for approval, but before it is approved by an Admin.
Updated: A location is “Updated” if it has been previously approved, and is modified.
Approved: A location is “Approved” once it has been approved by an Admin after being created or modified.

Location class users can add or modify locations according to configured settings. After completing each page, users can click Next to continue to the next tab that they have permission for until they’ve completed all tabs. All fields on a tab must pass validation before users can continue to the next page. Alternatively, users can click Save for Later to save any information they’ve entered without passing any required validation:

After completing all tabs, users must submit the location for approval using the Submit for Approval button on the last tab:

After confirming on the following popup, the location status is updated to Pending, and a notification is sent to Admins if configured.

Enabling Notification Emails

Admins have the option of enabling notification emails to receive email notification when users add or modify locations. To enable notification emails, navigate to  Settings>Setup>Options>Email Options, and check off the desired emails, then click Save: