Using the Update and Insert Option

How to use the Update and Insert Option to Keep Your Reports Data Intact

The Update and Insert option is the suggested method for uploading locations on an ongoing basis.  This method is unique because it allows you to not overwrite locations when there are changes to existing locations when uploading. When the Update and Insert Option is used, Bullseye loops through all locations, and applies changes to existing ones, and also adds new locations you might have included in your file. By not overwriting locations  you are able to retain data from the Searches By Location report (note the Update-Works Like Clear and Append option would replace locations, and report data is lost).

Note that you do not need to have a complete file of your locations to use this option.  You may also upload a partial list of locations, and existing locations will not be overwritten.

Using ThirdPartyID

In order to not overwrite locations, we need some way to uniquely identify them in order to retain the ones that are in the account. If you have a unique ID for each location (may be a number, or alphanumeric combo) you can put this into our ThirdPartyID field in our CSV locations template when you upload.  You will need to have a unique ID in this field for all locations to make this work.  If you try to upload a file with locations with only some that have ThirdPartyIDs, you will receive an error.

If you are a client that has a multi-account subscription, or one that uses additional Bullseye accounts for staging, testing, or sandbox purposes, this approach is useful for subsequent uploads when importing locations that were exported from another account. In those cases, the locations may be the same, but the LocationIDs won’t match (Location IDs are different IDs that Bullseye assigns to locations when you upload). To resolve this, omit the BullseyeID’s on the import file, and let locations be matched by the ThirdPartyID. 

Note: Locations must have matching ThirdPartyIDs in order to utilize ThirdPartyID matching.

Using LocationID

This option may be used if you don’t have an internal ID. A LocationID will not be obtained until after you do your first upload into Bullseye.  Thus, the upload process might be explained like this:

1. First Upload - It doesn't matter if you use Append, Update (works like clear and append) or Update and Insert.  Simply upload your locations, and Bullseye will add the Location IDs.

2. Subsequent Uploads - Download the locations under Manage Locations/Export.  You will see the Location IDs in the LocationID column.  Add your edits to the existing locations if needed, and add new locations (without Location IDs as needed and they will be appended to the list).

As with the ThirdPartyID option, you may upload a partial list without overwriting other locations.

Note: If you re-upload location and don't include their Location IDs, those locations will be duplicated.