Manage Location Types

How to prioritize your locations in the locator search results by managing location types.

Requirements: Available in all account types

Location types can be added to your locations when you create or edit a location. This allows you to rank your locations in a radius or territory based on preference rather than merely distance. Location Types must first be enabled in your search rules configuration to work. There are three default location types (more may be added, see Custom Location Types below) which are ranked in the following order: 

  1. Exclusive 
  2. Preferred
  3. Standard 

If you do not select a location type it defaults to Standard on each location.

Use Default Location Types via the Admin Form:

When you create a location manually, under Manage Locations > Add Locations scroll towards the bottom of the page. Under the Bullseye Details heading you will find the Location Type dropdown. From the drop-down select your desired location type. 

When you save the location, the location type will be saved.

Use Default Location Types via .CSV and XML Import:

When you upload locations via the .CSV import simply include the name of the location type (Standard, Preferred, or Exclusive) in the Location Type field. After your file has been imported, all the location types entered will be assigned to the corresponding location.

When you upload locations via XML import enter a location type in the Location Type tag for each location you are uploading. 

Customize Location Types:

Location types can be customized to fit your business needs. If your organization uses different location type labels (i.e. Gold, Silver, Bronze etc.), you can edit the labels of the default location types and it will automatically update all locations with the new label. You can also expand beyond Bullseye's default 3 levels of prioritization.

To edit the label of a default location type go to  Settings > Setup > Location Types, click on the Edit option for the location type you wish to edit: 

In the future, Bullseye will support associating an image with a location type. If you select Edit then Choose File as in the example below, you will see the option "Drop files here" to associate the image with the location type. Currently, this feature is still under development. Please check with us if you have questions on when this will be available.

Another option is to delete the existing location types and create new ones. 

To delete a location type click on the Delete option next to the location type you want to delete and click OK. Then enter your new values.

If you want to delete a location type and you have existing locations assigned to it you will be prompted to reassign a new location type to those existing locations. A location type must be assigned to all locations. If you have many locations assigned to the location type you are deleting, all locations will be reassigned to the new location type you select. 

To reassign a new location type, select a location type from the drop-down of available location types and choose Reassign and Delete.

You can add an unlimited number of location types in addition to the three standard location types that are already in the system. To add a new location type, navigate to the bottom of the page and look for the  Add field. Enter a new location type name and click Add.

To set a new default location type select Set Default. This will make the location type the new defaulted value when a location is created without specifying a location type.

The sort order can be rearranged to prioritize location types. The first location type listed gets the highest priority. 

To rearrange the sort order click on the location type you want to reorder and drag it up or down then release to place it.