You've Got Leads Text

How to send a text to your locations when a lead has been submitted.

Requirements:  Available in Connect and Optimize subscriptions, and as an add-on to the Find Subscription. Text Lead Notifications Subscription also required.

The You've Got Leads text message is sent to locations that have opted to receive notifications via text when a lead fills out their information on the form that is presented to them when they click on Contact Location in the search results of the standard Bullseye search, or on a stand-alone form on your website. A link to login can be included in the text so that the location can log in to view and follow up on the lead. This text can be copied to other members of your team, such as regional reps or administrators that are involved in the lead follow-up process.  

Before the New Lead Text can be used, the account needs to be configured to be able to send texts. Please contact Tom Flynn at 732-868-8463 for more information or to configure your account. 

Manage and Edit Text Notifications

To configure this text go to  Settings > Notifications. You'll be taken to the following screen:

Select the New Lead Text. If you don’t see the New Lead Text, you’ll need to contact us to get the Text Lead Notification subscription. After clicking the Edit link, you'll be taken to the following screen:

Under Settings, choose whether to enable or disable the text, and enter a new name for the text if desired. Select what roles should receive the text if the users have opted to receive notifications via text, and have provided a mobile number. Next, under Body, configure the message to send, and whether to include a login link with the text. Note the Total Character count - texts, including the login link, cannot exceed 150 characters.

Opt-in Users

Before users can receive text notifications, Account Admins must opt-in users and provide a mobile number for them to receive text notifications. To opt-in a user, select a user from the Users page:

Select  Edit, then check off “Text” under Notification Preferences, and enter a valid mobile number in the Mobile Number text box. Click Save and Close to finish.