Add the Embeddable Interface to Your Magento Site

A how-to guide to installing the Bullseye Locator on your Magento Site

Requirements: Any paid subscription

Magento is one of the top commerce platforms available for increasing your online sales. Now you can take your sales even further by installing a store locator in Magento. The following outlines 3 easy steps for getting a Bullseye store locator Magento extension up and running in minutes.

Step 1: Login to your account with Bullseye Locations

Go to Enter your ID and password to access the dashboard.

Step 2: Create your desired interface

From the left navigation bar select INTERFACES.


Select the TEMPLATE you want to work with, then you can customize a variety of Search and Results OPTIONS to meet your needs.

Customize the Styles and PREVIEW the interface in the browser, then click SAVE

Once the Interface is Saved, select EDIT and go to the PUBLISH tab.

Then select IFRAME EMBED FOR WEBSITE and copy the code to use in your Magento store locator extension.

Step 3: Use the iframe code for your Magento store locator

 Open your Magento admin and go to CMS Menu and select PAGES.

Select the CMS PAGE where you want to add the Bullseye store locator in Magento.

Then go to the CONTENT link.

Click on the  SHOW/HIDE Editor Button.

You will see the blank body section, paste the code here and click on the SAVE PAGE  Button.

Now check the page where you have put the Bullseye locator functionality. You will find the interface you designed with your locations. Here it will look like this on the web.

And like this on mobile.

There you are! You’ve now successfully installed a Bullseye store locator Magento extension.