Lead Form Integration with Formstack

How to manage leads without a Bullseye Lead Manager subscription by implementing a Formstack lead form.

Requirements: Any paid subscription

This is a pretty nifty trick for bypassing the Bullseye Lead Management feature and creating your own integrated Formstack lead form. The form can dynamically read in the querystring from the Contact URL field associated with a location in Bullseye. By passing in the email address, you can then route the lead to the nearest location.   

In Bullseye, the contact link is constructed dynamically based on the interface configuration. If you are subscribing to Lead Manager and you've configured your interface to capture leads, the "Contact" link in the search results will create a form that automatically sends an email to the username associated with the location. However, if you turn off the "Lead Capture" option or have a Find or higher Subscription the "Contact" link will look for a value in the Contact URL field and create a link with it. You can then link to a Formstack lead form and include the email address of the location in the querystring. Formstack can then capture the lead and send it to the email address of the location.  

Here's how you can do it. 

Setup the Lead Form on Formstack

First, add a read-only email address field to your form to receive the data from the querystring. 

Then, click on “custom message” in a new notification email. Next, insert the email field variable by clicking on it. In the message body it should look something like this:

Copy the variable and delete the text so it is just numbers. Ex: {$23309423}

Paste that variable into the “to” field on the notification email and switch back to “all submitted data” rather than custom message.

Warning: You will need to have this notification email all by itself with only that one recipient or it may not send properly. So, if you want the notification to go to a set email address (yours for example) you need to create a second email.

Configuring the Contact URL in Bullseye

Now you'll need to create the link that passes the email in the querystring. In the Contact URL field you'll need the URL of the form. For example: https://electricvine.formstack.com/forms/test_form

At the end of the form append a "?" then the label of the read-only field.  (If you have multiple words include a "_" between words) After that include "=" and the email address that you want to send to.  The final URL will look something like this: https://electricvine.formstack.com/forms/[email protected]

For each location, you'll need to modify the Contact URL to include the querystring. 

Now when users search for a location, they'll get a "Contact" link which will link over to a Formstack lead form that dynamically sends the completed form to the email of the location.