Adding the Bullseye Widget to Your Wordpress Website

A how-to guide to adding the Bullseye Widget to your WordPress Site

Requirements: Any paid subscription

Adding Sitewide to WordPress

Depending on the theme that you’ve selected, there may be more than one way to add the widget to the site.  Below is documentation that should work for most WordPress installs as it provides you with a way to edit the source code outside of the particular theme you’ve chosen.  

Get the Bullseye Widget Publish Code

  1. Login to Bullseye at  Select Interfaces, then select Edit on an existing interface or create a new widget by selecting Add a Locator Widget.
  2. Select your configuration options and styles to match your site.  Then Save your widget. 
  3. On the “Publish” page, copy the code from the Bullseye Publish page for the widget you’d like to add.
  4. Login to your WordPress admin.  Under appearance select VEditor In the Templates sections on the right-hand side, select Footer or (footer.php).

    Add the Code to your WordPress Site
  5. Just above the </body> tag paste the code you’ve copied from the Publish page.
  6. The widget should now appear on all pages of your site.  Be sure to logout to view the working widget.

Customize Your Widget

You can make style and option edits in the Bullseye interface builder after you’ve embedded the widget on your site.  Changes may require that you clear your cache before they display in your browser.