Instructions for Installing a Store Locator on Squarespace

Use these quick and simple instructions to install a Bullseye store locator on your Squarespace website.

Requirements:An active Squarespace account and an active Bullseye Locations account

Step 1 - Login To Bullseye

Login to your Bullseye Locations account. Click on Interfaces in the left sidebar menu, then select Edit for the interface you want to install on your website.

Step 2 - Copy Embed Code

Click on the Publish tab and then copy the code under iFrame Embed for Website.

Step 3 - Edit Page on Squarespace

After logging in to your Squarespace account, click the page you want to add a store locator to.

Step 4 - Add Code Block

Click Edit Page Content. Then add a Code content block.

Step 5 - Paste Embed Code

Now you're going to paste the embed code from Bullseye into the Edit Code block popup. Click to Save the block.

Step 6 - View Locator

Save the Page Edits. Then you'll need to logout of Squarespace to fully test the embedded locator script.

And you're done!