Import Leads via .CSV

How to import leads and assign them to locations using a .CSV file 

Requirements:  Available in Connect and Optimize subscriptions, and as an add-on to the Find Subscription.

Import Leads into your Bullseye Account

If you collect leads outside of Bullseye, you may want to import these into your Bullseye account so they can be received by locations. For example, you may attend a trade show and have a list of leads in an Excel file that you'd like to route. Bullseye provides an easy-to-use .CSV import tool that can be used to assign the leads to your dealers or distributors with a single upload.

To import leads, go to  Manage Leads > Import in the navigation.  

Format Lead Data

The first step is to format your lead data. Before you upload, make sure the data is in .CSV format. You will need to use the column headers we use. There is a sample file available on the Upload/Import Leads screen which you can download. See the screenshot below:

Download the template by clicking on the message that says "Need help setting up the import file?", then migrate your data into the template or modify your .CSV file to match the template (See the table below for a description of how to format the data). 

Next, use the  Choose File button to locate the file you'd like to import and select Yes if you'd like to send a Thank You email to the lead after the upload is completed. The system will automatically notify locations when imported leads are assigned if you select Yes. If you need to edit the email that gets sent, see Manage Lead Emails

Select  Import Leads and look at the status of the upload. After the file is uploaded, it will say "Completed."  If there is an issue, it will say "Failed." Look at the errors and correct the issues as needed. Contact us if you have questions.

Column Name Required? Sample Notes
LastName Yes
Company No
Country Yes US, United States, CA, Canada Also see Country Codes
Address1 No
Addrress2 No
Address3 No
Address4 No
InternationalAddress No
City No
State_Province No
Zip_PostalCode No 08876 Note that for postal codes that start with a zero, you must format the cell/column as a zip code (select the column, right-click, and select special/zip code)
Phone No
Email No
Priority No
Source Yes Web If the lead belongs to a source you have created under Settings/Sources, simply type in the name of that source
GeneralComment No If you have notes for the lead, or comments by the lead, include that information in this field
BullseyeCategoryID No 58643 You can include the internal number Bullseye assigns to your category if you are filtering leads by categories. This can be found under Settings/Categories. Select a category. You will see a number next to "ID." Note that you can also put an X in the category column (see below).
ThirdPartyCategoryID No 43765 If your company has its own internal number for categories, you can use that number.
(Attributes) No If you have set up custom attributes for additional information besides the standard fields, you would have a separate column for each attribute with data in each row as needed.
(Categories) No If you have categories, you would have a column for each category. Put an "X" in the row for this column if the lead has selected that category.