Store Locator Installation for Shopify

Set up the Bullseye Locator on your Shopify Site.

Requirements: Any paid subscription

The Bullseye Shopify Store Locator is extremely easy to get up and running.

As with any other app in your store, click on the Apps tab in your Shopify Admin panel. Then click the button to Visit the Shopify App Store.

Simply search for “Bullseye Store Locator”.

Bullseye Store Locator should be the first result. Look for our logo, then click on the app.

From the app page, click on Add App.

This will return you to your store, where you can review the permissions required by the app and install it. To install the app, click on Install App.

You should now be on the Bullseye website. 

If you already have a Bullseye account, enter your account email and password in the Link Your Bullseye Account section and click Log in Now.

To sign up for a free 14-day trial, click the ;Sign Up Now button in the Sign Up For A Bullseye Account section.

Simply fill out the form, and click Complete Sign Up! ;(note: your subdomain does not need to be exactly the same url as your shop.)

After signing up you will receive an email with a link to activate your account.

After clicking the email link, you should now be in the Bullseye location software dashboard.

Follow the directions on the next page to add your Bullseye Shopify Store Locator to your shop’s navigation.

When you’re ready, click Continue.

Congratulations! The Bullseye Store Locator App is now installed on your store! Click the Go Now button on the Success page to navigate to the Bullseye Admin to start adding locations manually.

Once you’ve added some locations, head back to your Shopify store, and view the new page. It might look something like this:

To further configure your locator, including updating the styling to match your store, head back to the Bullseye Admin. Select Interfaces on the left-hand Navigation, then click the Edit link on the new interface

Follow our guide to creating a map-based interface. Note that you don't need to be concerned about the steps to actually add the interface to your site, since that has been taken care of already.

This should get your new Bullseye Shopify Store Locator app integrated nicely with your Shopify store.