Route Leads Using Company Names

How to route leads from a certain company to a particular location if the lead has a preexisting relationship with the location.

Requirements:   Available in Connect and Optimize subscriptions, and as an add-on to the Find Subscription.

The Company Names option is used to override existing lead routing rules when you want certain leads to be routed to a particular location. In some cases, leads that enter their information in your form may already have an existing relationship with a location, and you'd like to make sure that the lead gets to that location to maintain that business relationship. The Company Names functionality is able to route leads to a location based upon the domain of the email address of the lead.

To configure Company Names, go to  Settings > Company Names. Select the option Add Company Name button and you'll see the screen below:

Fill in the name of the company for the lead that needs to be routed to a certain location. Include the domain of the email address like in the example above, which will be used as the criteria to identify the lead to route. Select  Save and you'll see this screen:

The screen above lets you select the location that will receive the lead. Use the advanced search options to find the correct location if necessary. Once you have found the location, check it off and select  Assign Selected. You'll be taken to this screen:

Select  Save and you are done. You can remove locations if you've made a mistake or need to unassign a location that was previously assigned.