Wix Store Locator App with Bullseye Locations

How to embed your Bullseye locator into your Wix website.

Requirements: An active Wix cccount and an active Bullseye Locations account

Adding your Bullseye Store Locator to a Wix account is pretty easy using the WYSWYG tools that Wix offers. If you follow the instructions below, it should take about 10 min or less to get a basic store locator running.

The locator can be added via an embed code on your Wix site. All styling and configuration options are controlled through your Bullseye interface.

Step 1 - Create New Page in Wix

Click on Add Page under Pages to add a blank page. Name the page. You probably want to call it Store Locator or something similar.

Step 2 - Add Bullseye Interface

Adding the interface will require that you add the App that supports HTML. First click on the “+” sign for adding an element. Next select “More.” Under the More menu, you’ll see HTML Code. Select that and an HTML box will be placed on the screen

Right-click on the HTML box and select settings. A dialog box will appear. Select the radio option “Code”. This should enable the “Add your code here” text-box where you can insert your embed code.

Next you’ll need the embed code from your Bullseye interface. This is located on the “Publish” tab for the interface that you want to embed. Remember that you can completely configure the style of your interface. You can also configure search elements, filtering elements and all display elements. For more information on configuring your interface see this article. For now, we’ll focus on how to embed the interface and we’ll assume its set up the way you want.

On the publish page, select the “iFrame Embed for Website” option and open the accordion. In the box is the code that you want to embed.

Copy that code and return to your Wix site. Paste the code into the box labeled “Add your code here” and click “Update”. The Bullseye interface will automatically be pulled into your editor.

Once you’ve pasted the embed code click “Update.” The Bullseye interface will automatically be pulled into your editor.

Step 3 - Update the layout on your Wix Page

If you haven’t modified the size of the HTML window on the page, you can expand it both vertically and horizontally to fit the page. This is pretty easy to do using the drag editor that Wix provides. Simply expand the box until the locator fits the way you want and until the scroll bars disappear. When you do this vertically, you may need to keep scrolling the outside editor in order to open the page size large enough.

This will set the height to a fixed number in Wix. These days, scrolling isn’t a big deal particularly because of mobile devices, but if you want to make the interface shorter, you can do this by changing the number of records displayed and by changing the map height on the “Options” page in the Bullseye interface builder.

Also keep in mind that because the page height is fixed when Bullseye returns fewer results there may be extra space at the bottom of the page.

Step 4 - Save and Preview Your Work

Once you are done, click Save and Preview. You can also make any design or configuration changes within the interface builder in Bullseye. These updates will automatically be reflected in the locator embeded on your Wix site.

Let us know how it goes. If you have any problems, feel free to reach out to us. We offer support via phone, chat and email.