Create a Store Locator Widget

Bullseye's widget interface builder is a dynamic tool for creating an out-of-the-box store locator widget. The widget looks similar to an online chat interface.

Requirements: Any paid subscription.

Just a few simple clicks and you can be up and running quickly. The interface builder outputs code that can be placed right into your site or page.

To get started, click on the  Interfaces link in the left-hand navigation. On the next screen, click Add Interface and choose the Locator Widget option. 


This screen allows you to configure some general options on the widget interface while previewing it directly in the interface builder. 

Set the widget width and choose the display location at the bottom of your browser. Set the search radius for displaying the nearest location in the widget. You can upload a custom icon for the title bar, just browse to a file and upload it. Enter the title text which will be seen when the widget is minimized. You can choose to display the location name and phone number. Upload a default location image (in case there is none to display).

If you choose to link to an advanced search you will need to provide a URL to the locator or choose from your existing Bullseye interfaces.

When you are done with the Options section, select  Styles.


Use styles to match the fonts and colors of the widget interface to the look of your site.

You'll notice that you can modify the background color, font, title bar, text color, and button color. Simply configure these options as needed, then select  Publish.


Simply embed the widget on any page or website by pasting the code before the closing body tag.

Instructions For Integrating with Content Management Systems 

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Adding the Bullseye Widget to Your WordPress Website
Adding the Bullseye Widget to Your Shopify Website