Create a Location List Interface

How to create a Location List Interface to display locations by City and Province/State.

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The Location List Interface is used to display locations by City and Province/State, or to display all locations. Currently, this is supported for US and Canada only. This interface is often used by our clients who have location landing pages. By creating a Location List Interface, you can allow search engines to crawl and index the location pages. You may also want to provide an alternate search by displaying the locations in a list. If the interface is to be used only for SEO purposes, you may include this page on your site without putting it in your main navigation so that it's not noticeable to your traffic.

To create a Location List Interface, go to Interfaces, then click Add Interface. You'll see the screen below:

Select Location List Only. You'll see the options screen below.

You can configure several options under General, Search Options, and Results Options:

  • Page Width: Enter the width of the page so it fits comfortably into your page.
  • Choose Countries: Select to show locations in all countries, or manually select countries if there are countries you want to omit from the interface. A list will allow you to select the countries that do apply.
  • Category: Select the option Limit Search Categories if you want your interface to return locations that are assigned to a particular category. This option is often used when a company wants to create a locator for a particular brand. You can have multiple brands, each assigned to a particular interface.
  • Collapse View: Select this option if you have a lot of locations. Users will need to select a State/Province before viewing them. Otherwise, all locations are displayed by default.
  • Landing Pages: Select if you want to display your Location Landing Pages.
  • Select Interface for Landing Pages: Select the interface that has the Landing Pages if applicable.
Once you are done, select  Styles at the top or bottom of the page. You will see the following:

Select the styles that work best with your site so the interface matches your look for the individual style elements. You can choose from our palette or enter your own hex codes.  Once you are done, select Publish on the top or bottom. You will see the following:

In the text box, you'll see a line of code. Copy and paste this code into your site, before the closing of the body tag.