Add and Manage Promotions

Assign promotions to select locations to encourage users to visit stores. 

Requirements: Any paid subscription

Promotions are a great way to encourage sales, and also increase dealer involvement with your product. Text for the promotion is displayed on the record of each location when results are returned. Users can click on the text to view the promotion.  The promotion image may be uploaded into Bullseye, or alternately, you can link to an external url with your promotion image.  Bullseye offers advanced promotion features like fraud detection, print management, and reporting.  For more information on advanced promotion features, call us at (732-868-8463) or (800-606-1415).

To set up a promotion, go to Promotions > Add Promotions. You'll see a screen like this:

Under Add Promotions enter the following:

Name: The name of the promotion.

Promotion Type: The type of promotion. There are 3 promotion types: Coupon, Sale, and Special Offer.

Promotion Text: The text that should appear on the location's record to entice your potential customers to click.

Promotion Date Range: The appropriate date information according to the length of the promotion.

Once that is completed, browse to the file and upload it, or simply provide a link to a promotion.  Here's an example of uploading a coupon:

Simply browse to the image and upload it.  There is also an option to upload a thumbnail image (the thumbnail will appear in the initial search results, before the user views the full size image).  You can upload the thumbnail in the same manner. Once the files are uploaded or you have linked to your promotion, save the promotion to be able to assign locations. 

Select Assign Locations. You'll be taken to a screen similar to below:

Check off all the locations that honor the promotions and your promotions will display in the search results. You also have the ability to assign multiple promotions to the same location by following the same steps.  

If you don't see the promotion when you check out the front end search, make sure you have enabled promotions by going to Interfaces. Then select the correct interface, and enable promotions under Options > Results.

Once you have promotions configured correctly, you can see the promotions appear in the locator's search results:

The thumbnail image appears on the map.  When users click on the thumbnail, or the promotion's text, they'll be taken to the main image:

Congratulations, you've successfully set up your promotions!