Configure Internet Locations

How to include Internet-Based Locations in your search results

Requirements: Available in any subscription

Retailers who sell through Internet-based locations can include these locations in the Bullseye search results. Our flexible Internet locations options helps you to satisfy the need for potential customers who want to purchase your products online immediately.  There are 4 basic ways to include online locations:

  1. Return all Internet locations on the top or bottom of regular locations. See Modify Search Rules.
  2. Return Internet locations when there are no search results within a radius search.
  3. Return Internet locations along with other locations within a radius search, if the Internet locations are in the same country as the search criteria.
  4. Return geocoded Internet locations along with other returned locations in a radius search, if the Internet locations are within the search radius.

Note: Options 2-4 are currently only functional with radius search, not with territory or country-level searches. 

Return Internet Locations with Regular Locations

Before you include Internet locations in your search results, you need to enter the Internet locations.  Internet locations are entered like regular locations (by uploading them via a .csv file, or typing them manually in the admin). Note that, unlike regular locations, Internet locations can be entered without including a zip/postal code. 

Sometimes internet-based businesses operate without disclosing a physical address, and we can accommodate those types of locations.  If you sell through locations that operate as Internet-based but do disclose their address, you may also include the address for those types of locations.  This approach increases the flexibility for displaying Internet locations.

Once your Internet locations are entered, go to Settings > Search Rules and select Configure on the appropriate region. You'll see a screen similar to the following:

Next to the Internet Locations option, select the "On" button and you will see the following 3 options:

  • Return internet locations only for empty search: Use this if you want to display internet locations only as a back up, when no location is displayed in the user's search. 
  • Limit results to country of search: Use this if you have internet locations that should only display if they are in the same country as the user's search.
  • Limit results to radius of search: Use this if you want to display the internet locations alongside the regular locations (you will need to include the address/zip code information as you do with regular locations). 

Note that these 3 options may be combined together. 

Under Custom Sorting, you may also separate the Internet Locations from the regular locations by displaying them on the top or bottom of the search results. In one of the drop downs, select to include the Internet locations first or last depending on your preference.  

Return Internet Locations Only

Bullseye supports the ability to return Internet locations without regular locations.  This is done on the search interface level, so you may have some interfaces that return regular locations, and others that only return internet locations within a single account.  To configure an interface that returns only internet locations, go to Interfaces, then select Edit on that Interface. Expand the Search Heading, and you will see the following:

This option will remove regular locations from the search results for the interface, and return only Internet locations based on the configuration you set up in Settings > Search Rules.