Requirements: Available in all subscriptions

The following 2 screenshots in this article cover the permissions granted to the 4 default user roles for Bullseye (Administrator, Account User, Location Admin, Location User). 

To understand how the permissions work, it is important to note that there are 2 types of permission entities (these are marked in the screenshots):

  • Location Entities: Pertains to the ability to administer locations, including attributes specific to locations, such as a location's address, or business hours.  A user may be able to add, modify, view or delete data associated with these items.
  • Functionality Entities: Pertains to specific functionality within the Bullseye admin that users have access to, such as uploading locations, or managing events for locations.  Note that, if the option to “view” a particular functionality is enabled, the user will have access to all the actions related to that functionality (a user may add and modify promotions, for instance).

Administrator/Account User

Administrator and Account Users have identical permissions, except Administrators can create other Account User and Administrator accounts, manage the account settings and access exclusive Administrator reports. 

Location Administrator/Location User

Location Administrators and Location Users have identical permissions, except only Location Administrators can create other location accounts.