To use your own Google Maps API key with Bullseye, you must create the key through a Google developers account and enable two specific APIs:

  • Google Maps JavaScript API 
  • Google Maps Geocoding API

Follow these steps to complete this process:

1. Log in to the Google APIs manager

Go to:

Log in with a valid Google account 

2. Select or create a project 

Select a project under "Select a Project," or select "Create a project..." 

If you are creating a new project: name your project, agree to the terms and conditions, and click "Create"


3. Create an API key credential

Under the API Manager menu on the left, click "Credentials"   

Ensure that at least one API key credential exists; if none exist, click "Create credentials" and select "API key" 

In the "Create a new key" pop-up window, select "Server key."  Note that "iOS key" is selected by default.

Name your key, leave the IP restrictions box empty, and click "Create" 

Copy the key text displayed in the next window and save it 

4. Enable APIs

Under the API Manager menu on the left, click "Overview" 

Under "Google Maps APIs" click "Google Maps JavaScript API" 

Click "Enable"

Click the return arrow to return to the list of APIs  

Under "Google Maps APIs" click "Google Maps Geocoding API" 

Click "Enable"

5. Add the API key text (from 3 above) to your Bullseye account 

Go to your Bullseye account at 

Log in with your admin credentials

Click "Settings" then "Setup"

Click the "Mapping" tab

Select the checkbox for "Google," paste your API key into the input box, and click "Save"

That's it!