The Searches by US Detail report displays granular geographic search information based upon the entered search criteria.

Requirements: Any paid subscription.

This report shows you specific information on how users are searching:

In the example above, the recorded searches start on the state level (Indiana) and become more granular (county, city, and zip code).  Note that No Zip searches refers to city/state searches when no zip was entered into the search.

Number of Searches: Total number of searches in a geographic area.

Successful: A successful search means at least one location was returned in the search.

% Successful: Percentage of successful searches. 

If you have a high percentage of unsuccessful searches in a certain area, this may be important feedback, letting you know that you need to get a dealer in that area. 

We also track incomplete, mobile, and state searches:

Bad Searches: If someone enters an unrecognized city and state combination it gets tracked as unknown.

Bad Zip Codes: If someone enters an unrecognized zip code it gets tracked as unknown (Not shown). 

Mobile Searches: Currently we track mobile searches but do not track the geography of mobile searches.

State Searches: We track if a user enters a state unaccompanied by a city.