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Set Up Routing Rules to Route Leads to Locations

Requirements: Lead Manager Subscription 

If you configure Lead Manager to display a lead form initially (instead of displaying locations in the search results) you need to implement the form with our routing rules instead of search rules which are used with store locators that do not force the user to fill out the lead form first.  If you will display the form first, this may be done with our form builder, or you might build your own form and integrate with our API.

To configure the routing rules, login to Bullseye and go to Settings>Routing Rules.  You'll see the following screen:

Routing Rules are configured on a regional basis, which means that you can have different routing rules for different countries.  To configure the routing rules, select Configure next to one of the region/countries as in the example above.  You'll see the screen below:

Set Up Details

  • Search Type - Select either radius or territory assuming you are configuring for a region that allows radius (for some countries, Bullseye only supports country level configurations, in which case only territory would apply). Radius is the most common configuration, allowing you to sort closest locations within a radius before more distant locations within a radius. Choose territory if you need to assign locations to geographic territories such as a county or state.
  • Maximum Radius - Select maximum radius in the drop down for radius searches assuming you are using radius, and also want to put a limit on the distance (it may not be a good idea to send a lead to a dealer if they are too far away from the lead).
  • Maximum Number of locations - Type in the maximum number of locations that should receive the lead with each search. Often, companies configure Lead Manager to limit the number of locations so that the lead is not bombarded by too many responses from various locations.
  • Internet Locations - If you sell through internet locations that do not have a physical address, you can configure Bullseye to display them when local dealers are not available.

Custom Sorting

Bullseye has 4 different sorting options: distance, dealer type, least # of leads, and responsiveness.  You can use these options in association with both radius and territory configurations.  
  • Distance - By default, Bullseye will sort by distance first.
  • Dealer Type - If you have preferred locations, Bullseye support 3 tiers of preference (exclusive, preferred, standard) in descending order. To sort by this hierarchy, select Dealer Type in the first menu, then distance in the second menu, so that locations are sorted by each tier in order of distance.
  • Least # of leads - If you'd like to disperse leads in round robin fashion, select least # of leads in the first menu, and distance in the second menu.
  • Responsiveness - If you'd send leads by most responsive dealers first, select Responsiveness in the first menu and distance in the second menu. Note that at the current time, responsiveness needs to be set manually on the locations record.

Note that if you have locations that fall into the Other International region (countries in which Bullseye only supports country level searches), radius and distance options do not apply.