Companies can use a branded login or registration page to access your Bullseye account.  This page can be used by any user who needs to login or register for your account, including client administrators, client users, location administrators, location users, and rep administrators.  When you initially signed up for Bullseye, you were required to create your own subdomain, which determines the login url. To obtain this url, go to Settings/Account, you'll see the screen below:

Simply copy the subdomain into your browser, that the page users need to go to in order to login.  

If you are using Location Logins or Location Registrations you may want to customize the pages with your own branding.  Currently, we support the ability to include your logo on both pages.  In addition, the Bullseye logo is moved into a gray background.  

Adding Your Logo

The logo that appears on this page is pulled from the logo associated with your account.  This logo also appears in a several other places including the co-branding of the emails for Location Registration and Location Approval.  To add this logo go to Settings>Account.  Select Edit.  In the Client Details section, you'll see an Image label and an upload button.  Click here to upload your logo.  Make sure to hit Save.  The image is then uploaded when the information is saved. 

Depending on where the logo is used, it will be resized to fit the screen.