Allowing locations to administer content in Bullseye is a powerful feature that provides some great benefits.

  • It reduces maintenance time by allowing dealers and stores to update listings themselves.
  • It provides a tool for dealers or stores to promote themselves by adding photos, hours and other great content.
  • If makes for a better user experience as listings are now more complete and up-to-date. 

Location Logins are complimented by the Location Registration feature.  This feature allows locations to add new listings.  Like Location Logins, Location Registration has many configuration options which are outlined in a separate help document.  You can use Location Logins and Location Registration separately or together. 

Create a Username and Password for Locations

Allowing locations to login is pretty easy to do.  You just need to make sure the location has a user account and password associated with it. To add this, you can go to the manage location screen and select edit.  About mid-way down the page, you'll see a section called Bullseye Details.  

You can also upload your locations via .csv upload.  You'll see that in our template there is a column for username and password.  For each location record where you include this data, Bullseye will create the user account associated with the location and assign the provided password.  If you do not enter a password, the system will automatically generate a password for the user.  For more information on the upload, please read Upload Locations in a .CSV file

Technically, once you've assigned a user to a location, they can log in to view their location record.  If Lead Manager is turned on, they'll be able to see leads and modify them.  If you'd like to also allow the location to modify their own listing configure the account to allow location modifications by following the instructions below. 


Provide the URL for the Login Page

Locations with credentials will be able to login via the same login screen for your account at  They can also login via your subdomain http://<subdomain>  This is a co-branded login page provide to your locations.  For information on co-branding your login page, visit Customizing Login and Registration Pages


Display Login Link on Interface

Bullseye can also be configured to automatically display a login link at the top of the search page. 

This option is available if location logins are turned on and can be configured through the search interface editor.  Go to Interfaces and select Edit.  On the options tab in the Section for Results Options, select the link for "Login/Edit Location Link" and hit Save



Configure Your Account to Allow Location Modifications

If you'd like to allow locations to update their listings you can configure Bullseye for this.  To do this go to Settings>Setup>Options.  Under Location Options, you'll see the "Allow Location Admins to modify locations" checkbox.  Select this option and hit Save.  

When you setup location logins, you also have the option to choose whether or not locations can update categories or just the location content. If you want locations to be able to change category selections check off that option and it will allow them to edit in the location admin. If not, they'll be able to view the category content, but not edit. 

The last option under Location Options is the option to Approve User modified locations.  Selecting this option sets up a workflow.  Here, each time a location is updated, the location status is changed to unapproved and the location is removed from the search results.  At the same time, an email is triggered to the Account Administrator notifying them that a location has updated their listing.  The Account Administrator must then login and approve the location for it to show in the search results.  For instructions on approving modified location records, visit the article on Approving New or Modified Locations.

Send Login Information to Dealers

If you need to send the login information to your dealers, you can do this within the Bullseye admin.  Go to Manage Locations on the left, then select Email. You will see a screen similar to below:


Beneath Message Type there is an email called Welcome to Lead Manager.  This is the email that sends the login information.  Select that email.  Next, select the locations that need to receive the login information.  Use the Country drop down or Advanced Search if you need to search for specific locations. You can send the message to many locations at once by selecting multiple check boxes on each page if necessary. If you need to send the email to all locations, select the check box right next to the Location Name header, as in the example below:


Once you select the check box, the message Select All x Locations will appear. Click on the message, and all locations will be selected.  Then select Send E-Mail at the bottom and the message will be sent.