Bullseye Lead Manager allows you to send emails to communicate to your locations, reps, and leads.  Emails can be configured directly in the Bullseye admin.  We support HTML, and content is editable to fit the needs of your company.

Since locations that participate in Lead Management programs receive emails with lead information, or need to login to retrieve leads, Bullseye requires that these locations have a unique email address.  Bullseye has helpful email functionality that lets you send location login information (their email address and password) so they can login to retreive their leads.  Bullseye can also send a custom email message if you need to contact one or more Lead Management locations for other reasons.

To facilitate the set up process, Bullseye can create a password so you don't need to worry about creating your own.  To send the login information, go to Manage Locations>Email.   You'll see the screen below:

You'll see 2 options in the drop down menu at the top, along with the list of your locations.  Select the Welcome email.  You'll view an email text editor as displayed below:

Edit the text as needed to introduce your locations to the Lead Manager system.  You can also add HTML content or use the text editor to reformat your content.  The username and password will be inserted into the email so that locations can view their login information after you send the email.  If you have regular correspondence with your locations, it is a good idea to contact them beforehand to prepare them for receiving this email.  Otherwise the Bullseye email may be foreign to them, and there is also no guarantee this email won't go into their spam filter.  Preparing your locations is very valuable as they incorporate following up on Bullseye leads as part of their routine, and investing some time in helping them adopt Bullseye can make a big difference in your locations' follow up rate.

When you have your email ready to send, select the locations to receive the email as in the example below:

Check off the locations that apply, or search alphabetically, then select send email.  If you receive an error, make sure your locations are assigned to the Lead Manager service, and have email addresses.  After you send the email, you'll get a confirmation: