Following are a list of State abbreviations and Bullseye IDs for Germany.  The abbreviation should be entered into the State/Province field in the .CSV import. The Bullseye ID should be used in the XML batch import.

Bullseye ID State Abbreviation
175 Baden-Württemberg BW
176 Bavaria BY
177 Berlin BE
178 Brandenburg BB
179 Bremen HB
180 Hamburg HH
181 Hesse HE
182 Lower Saxony NI
183 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern MV
184 North Rhine-Westphalia NW
185 Rhineland-Palatinate RP
186 Saarland SL
187 Saxony SN
188 Saxony-Anhalt ST
189 Schleswig-Holstein SH
190 Thuringia TH