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Change labels to be relevant to your business for both the Bullseye front end, and your administrative account.

Since companies refer to their products, locations, and sales reps differently, we include the ability for companies to change how to label.  Some companies sell through distributors, others sell through dealers etc.  

To change these admin labels, simple go to Settings>Setup>Labels and change the default labels as needed.

  • Location refers to the stores, dealers etc. that will appear in your locator's search results.  This will change the label in the admin account in the left navigation.
  • Rep (Lead Manager Accounts only) refers to regional reps that manage locations.  Sometimes these are called regional reps, rep managers, or other names.
  • Keyword pertains to the actual front end search, where you can optionally allow your traffic to search by the name of the store or dealer in addition to the geographic search.  Change the label to something that is relevant to your business, such as dealer name.
  • Category and Categories refer to your products or services that users can filter by when they search for your locations.  Changing this label affects both the label in the admin, and in the front end search.
  • Subcategory and Subcategories (Web Premium only) can be renamed just like category and categories if you have multiple category levels (nested categories).