Sometimes companies may want to include additional information in their locator's search results that are not covered in the standard supplied fields.  There is value in educating your audience about each location so they will have the information they need before they make a purchase.  For example, you may want to include a paragraph description of each location, allowing each store to let the public know the special benefits their store offers.


Companies who use Lead Manager may want to use custom attributes to create custom forms to capture lead information.  While Bullseye offers a standard lead form, companies who need something more elaborate can create their own form, call our API, and store the data in a field using a custom attribute.


For store locators, Bullseye's Map On Top Interface allows companies to display custom attributes on a detail/landing page. You may also create a custom store locator interface using our API and use attributes to return data that is not covered in our standard fields.


Custom attributes can be entered in 7 different formats:


Text-Use for short text information.  

Memo-Use for long text information, paragraphs, etc. where a description is required.

Numeric-Use for numeric data.

Yes/No-Use for either/or scenarios (i.e. “Does this location accept credit cards?”)

Radio Group-Recommended for Lead Manager accounts only.

Drop Down-Recommended for Lead Manager accounts only.

Checkbox-Recommended for Lead Manager accounts only.

Link-Use to put an active link to a website. You can include display text that is different from the url itself.

How to Add a Custom Attribute

Go to Settings>Attributes and select Add Attribute.  You will be taken to the Add Attribute page.  Type in the name of the attribute, and select the appropriate field type.  For the field types text, memo, numeric, yes/no, and link, simply select Save after you select the field type.  You will now be able to enter data in this newly created field.


For the field types drop down, radio group, and checkbox, you will need to enter additional information.  After you select the field type, the following screen will appear:



Simply enter an option next to the “name” field and and select Add Option. Each option will appear as an item in a list. Repeat for all options. You can edit or remove options as needed. When you are done, select Save.  Note that the entered options can be deactivated, after you save them.  This allows you to make edits to a particular options while keeping the other options intact.  You will not be able to delete attributes if you have locations with data in these attribute fields.  Data must be removed from the fields in all location records before the attributes are deleted.