If you want to create a responsive interface (recommended) please see Create a Responsive Interface

Bullseye's website interface builder is a dynamic tool for creating an out-of-the-box store locator interface.  Just a few simple clicks and you can be up and running quickly.  The interface builder outputs a page that you can link your site to, or an iFrame tag that can be placed right into your site or application. 

To get started, click on the Interfaces link in the left hand navigation. On the next screen choose the Create an Embeddable Interface option  You'll see 3 options (Side by Side, List, or Map on Top).  In this example, we'll select Map on Top. You'll need to name the interface before saving it.  Simply type in the name of the interface, using alphanumeric characters only.  Once you do this, you'll see the interface you created in a list.  Click on edit, and you'll see a screen that looks similar to this (partial screen displayed):



This screen allows you to configure some general options on the search interface.  In this example, we won't create a responsive interface.  Set the page width according to the size of your IFrame width.  Turn the map on or off by checking the check box under the map label.  Type in the map height you want (it needs to be between 210 and 400px).  

If you want to have a custom map plot image for the locations, you can browse to a file and upload it, and that image will appear on the google map instead of the default map icon we provide.  Under Search Options, check off the countries that apply to your search.  If you don't see all the countries you need, please contact us.  If you would like your visitors to search by products or services that locations carry,  you can check the option to display categories, either as a check box or drop-down menu.  

You'll see some additional options:

The keyword search allows you to let your visitors search by the name of the location.  If you select this option, when users search by name, it will override the radius option and look for all locations that match the entered name.  You can also add new radii, or uncheck radii as needed to add or remove radii from the list.  

Under Results Options you'll see several options that specialize the display of the search results.  Results Per Page allows you to display up to 20 locations on a single results page.  You may want to make this number smaller depending upon the height of your IFrame.

The remaining options can be turned on or off as needed.  Configure these options as follows:

Display categories in the search results if you want users to know what products/services they carry.

Display coupons (Web Premium only) if you want to display coupons on locations.

Display events (Web Premium only) if you want to display events such as product demos at locations.

Display Contact Name and Position if you have this data for your locations and want to display it.

Display Location Image if you want users to see an image associated with each location.

Create a landing page for each location (Web Premium only) if you want to have a detail page for each location.

Add a lead capture form (Lead Manager Only) if you want to display a lead form and capture leads.


When you are done with the Options section, select Styles.


Use styles to match the fonts and colors of the search interface to the look of your site.  You'll see a screen similar to below:

You'll notice that you can select from 6 prefabricated basic templates, or you can create a custom template, and modify the background color, navigation color, button color, or link color using our palette, or by entering your own hex codes.  You can select from several font families with the font drop-down menu to match our fonts with that of your website.  Simply configure these options as needed, then select Publish.


We have 4 different integration options with the interface builder.  As per the example below:

Most clients use the 2nd option (iFrame Embed for Website with Javascript Mobile Detection) so they can have a mobile locator along with the desktop search.  But you can use any of the 4 options above depending on your needs.  If you expand any of the first 3 options, you'll get instructions along with some code you can embed into your site.  Follow the instructions, save the interface and paste the code into your site.  

The 4th option (Hosted URL with HTML input Header and Footer) allows you to link to a page that is external from your site, but you can paste your headers and footers into our page to maintain your site's look.